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Près de 300 vidéos à votre disposition pour vous permettre une acculturation aux océans, mers et littoraux dans leurs multiples dimensions – géopolitique, économique, environnementale, sociale, etc.. Notre vidéothèque n’est pas exhaustive (elle ne le sera jamais) et donc évoluera au fil du temps. Majoritairement en anglais et partiellement en français (pensez à régler vos paramètres YouTube, Vimeo, etc. avec un sous-titre adapté), les vidéos ont des durées variables et sont issues d’organisations publiques et privées : elles n’engagent que leurs auteurs et hébergeurs. De votre côté, si vous avez une vidéo à nous recommander, n’hésitez pas à le faire par notre formulaire https://www.univ-mer.org/contact/

Nearly 300 videos at your disposal to help you learn about the oceans, seas and coasts in their many dimensions – geopolitical, economic, environmental, social, etc. Our video library is not exhaustive (it never will be) and therefore will evolve over time. Mainly in English and partially in French (remember to adjust your YouTube, Vimeo, etc. settings with an appropriate subtitle), this videos have variable lengths and come from public and private organizations: they engage only their authors and hosts. From your side, if you have a video to recommend to us, do not hesitate to do so by our form https://www.univ-mer.org/contact/  

Blue Economy: Maritime Transport

Littoral, Le magazine des gens de mer. Le transport maritime

National Maritime Transport Policy - A Closer Look

The Shipping Container

The European Maritime Transport Environmental Report (EMTER)

Le temps d’une traversée entre le port d’Anvers en Belgique et le port du Havre, nous partons à la rencontre de marins à bord d’un porte-conteneur : le Guayaquil Express. Un cargo de 330 mètres transportant 12000 conteneurs. A son bord, uniquement 26 hommes d’équipage : 25 min – 2021

IMO – The concept of a Sustainable Maritime Transportation System with a view to providing a blueprint for countries to develop their maritime transport infrastructure in an efficient, sustainable, safe and environmentally : 5 min – 2019

How Container Ports Work: Logistics of Intermodal Transport : 6 min – 2021

The first up to date and comprehensive overview of the environmental transport sector in the EU, the EMTER (European Maritime Transport Environmental Report), is a joint report produced by the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) and the European Environment Agency (EEA) : 5 min – 2020

Pollution maritime : changement de cap ?

Voici l'impact du transport maritime sur l'environnement

Mediterranean Transport and Logistics in a Post-Covid-19 Era

The Future of Shipping

6 min – 2018

Brut – Particules fines, oxyde d’azote et de soufre : le carburant qu’il utilise est l’un des plus sales au monde. Voici l’impact du transport maritime sur l’environnement : 4 min – 2019

IEMed Barcelona – This video is the outcome of the policy study focused on the impacts of the COVID-19 and the future of transport and logistics through multisectoral and multidisciplinary lenses : 2 min – 2021

The Future of Shipping’, is an online programme telling the story of the issues and opportunities facing the shipping industry at a time of environmental crisis, profiling the professionals and organisations who are dedicated to creating a cleaner future for shipping : 30 min – 2021

History of the Major Trade Routes - Summary on a Map

In progress

In progress

In progress

In this video, let’s retrace the evolution of the world’s major trade routes, from the Incense Route until today: 19 min – 2021

In progress

In progress

In progress

Blue Economy: Maritime Seaports

The magic of port cities: water and land, resilience and culture

History of port cities Before containerization 1960s

How a Steel Box Changed the World: A Brief History of Shipping

TOP 20 Busiest Container Ports in the World (1970-2021)

PortCityFutures – The story of Port Cities and their regions and why they are important as an example of resilience and innovation: 5 min – 2021

Sustainable Urban Development – History of port cities Before containerization 1960s: 11 min – 2021

Wall Street Journal – As the container shipping industry continues to boom, companies are adopting new technologies to move cargo faster and shifting to crewless ships: 4 min – 2018

World Stats – In recent years, with the eastward movement of economic, trade and shipping centers, the economic and trade development in Asia has been very rapid: 4 min – 2022

How to build a Port | Cities Skylines

Timelapse showing the whole construction process

Seaport Group Bulk Planing & Design Promotion

How Ports Operate

Video Game – How to build a functional port without the hassle of traffic congestion and etc: 17 min – 2018

DCT Team – A timelapse showing the whole construction of the second berth (T2) at DCT Gdansk container terminal from the end of January 2015 till October 2016: 6 min – 2016

Seaport Group presents a Commercial movie to visualize the project investment to internal stakeholders, potential investors, and other external stakeholders: 6 min – 2014

SMART Maritime and Transportation Center: 4 min – 2018

Blue Economy: Marine Construction and Shipyard

Top 10 Largest Ancient Boats

Shipyard 1935 documentary

Ancient Chinese Ships & Boats Documentary

Ship Made without Nails is Mighty

From the warships and luxurious barges of ancient Egypt, to the tower ships of ancient China – here are the top 10 largest ancient boats: 10 min – 2019

teknotik technique nautique /nautical techno: 23 min – 2023

Amazing Wooden Navy Ships « Floating Fortresses »: 40 min – 2017

National Geographic – Can a ship built without blueprints, power tools—or even nails—survive the sea? Four years in the making, this 150-foot ship, called a « dhow, » can withstand powerful monsoon winds, and it’s ready for action: 3 min – 2013

Dugout Canoe Build - Timelapse, by Outbackmike

Ship Construction Animation

Visiting China navy shipyard, world largest shipbuild, Jiangnan Shipyard

Engineering And Building An 80,000-Ton Cruise Ship | The Meraviglia Cruise Ship

One full-time year of canoe building condensed into eight minutes. I built this canoe for a 1500km solo expedition up Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, surviving completely off the land and se: 8 min – 2021

Marineinsight – The shipbuilding process and ship construction is a complex operation where different department comes together to build a cargo ship: 8 min – 2020

The shipping shown in the video was the first dual-fuel container ship and delivered in September 2020: 15 min – 2021

Spark – 315 metres long, 65 metres high, weighing 80,000 tonnes and capable of transporting more than 7,000 people, the Meraviglia is the ultimate cruise ship. But how was she built? More than 2,500 people worked day and night, using the latest technological developments to lessen the environmental impact.: 51 min – 2020

Blue Economy: Energy

Ocean Energy

What is Ocean Energy?

Ocean Energy! Australian point of view

Why wave power isn't everywhere?

3 min to visualise the formidable potential of the ocean energy. Major sources of renewable energy are:
Tidal streams
Ocean currents
– Tidal range (rise and fall)
– Waves
– Ocean thermal energy
– Salinity gradients

The Ocean Energy Systems Implementing Agreement (OES) is an intergovernmental collaboration between countries, which operates under framework established by the International Energy Agency in Paris. This video describes the work of OES and the methods by which energy can be harnessed for the oceans around us: 8 min – 2014

Australian National Maritime Museum – Assistant Curator Cay-Leigh Bartnicke from the Australian National Maritime Museum breaks down how the ocean can provide us with renewable energy: 3 min – 2022

Wave Energy for the future
DW documentary: 11 min – 2022

Tidal energy could be huge – why isn't it?

Wave Power Could Be Energy's Next Big Leap

How a Deep-Sea Offshore Drilling Rig Works

Installation Complète D'Un Parc Éolien Offshore

Tidal energy in development
DW documentary: 12 min – 2021

Challenges of wave energy for electricity – Future solutions: 11 min – 2021

Documentary: 82 min – 2017

Quantum Tech HD – People used wind energy to propel boats along the Nile River as early as 5,000 BC. Nowadays, we build massive wind power plants to turn wind into energy. It’s an impressive feat, so watch this review of the construction process of an offshore wind farm and tell us what you think: 8 min – 2022

Blue Economy: Seabed Exploration and Exploitation

Seabed Mapping

Ocean Exploration: Technology

Pourquoi pas les abysses ?

Life in the Deep-Sea

Learn why seafloor mapping is critical to saving our planet: 1 min – 2022

National Geographic Society – What drives astronomers to ask, “What’s out there?” and oceanographers, “What’s down there?” Despite covering 71% of the planet, only 5% of the ocean has been explored: 5 min – 2022

Un film réalisé par Gilles Martin et produit par l’IFREMER : 10 min – 2021

OceanMOOC – Intro importance of deep sea: 10 min – 2017

Deep Sea Mining: Searching for the Next Mineral Boom

Mining the deep sea: the true cost to the planet

Will deep-sea mining save us from climate change?

The secret race to buy the ocean floor

Deep sea mining – future potential source of material or another problem?  Biodiversity loss & conservation: 26 min – 2019

Mining companies and governments will soon be allowed to extract minerals from the deep-ocean floor. These rare metals are vital for a more environmentally sustainable future on land, but at what cost to the health of the ocean? 10 min – 2021

Billions of unassuming rocks on the seafloor could help humanity save itself from the ravages of climate change. These polymetallic nodules contain cobalt and other metals which we need for batteries, electric cars and photovoltaic systems. But harvesting them might destroy deep-sea ecosystems: 9 min – 2021

Private companies are pushing for licenses to commercially mine the ocean floor. And the organization created to protect the deep sea is helping them accomplish this: 12 min – 2022

Your future tech may rely on deep-sea mining

The Uncomfortable Truth About Deep Sea Mining

Main question: How would you decide where it’s ok to mine for precious metals? 8 min – 2019

To meet the world’s growing demand for batteries, private companies have turned their attention to mining the ocean floor. But could this practice come at a greater cost to the planet than it’s worth? 5 min – 2020