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Près de 300 vidéos à votre disposition pour vous permettre une acculturation aux océans, mers et littoraux dans leurs multiples dimensions – géopolitique, économique, environnementale, sociale, etc.. Notre vidéothèque n’est pas exhaustive (elle ne le sera jamais) et donc évoluera au fil du temps. Majoritairement en anglais et partiellement en français (pensez à régler vos paramètres YouTube, Vimeo, etc. avec un sous-titre adapté), les vidéos ont des durées variables et sont issues d’organisations publiques et privées : elles n’engagent que leurs auteurs et hébergeurs. De votre côté, si vous avez une vidéo à nous recommander, n’hésitez pas à le faire par notre formulaire https://www.univ-mer.org/contact/

Nearly 300 videos at your disposal to help you learn about the oceans, seas and coasts in their many dimensions – geopolitical, economic, environmental, social, etc. Our video library is not exhaustive (it never will be) and therefore will evolve over time. Mainly in English and partially in French (remember to adjust your YouTube, Vimeo, etc. settings with an appropriate subtitle), this videos have variable lengths and come from public and private organizations: they engage only their authors and hosts. From your side, if you have a video to recommend to us, do not hesitate to do so by our form https://www.univ-mer.org/contact/  

Civilisation: General

How much of human history is on the bottom of the ocean?

Understanding Social Science and the Ocean Science-Policy Interface

Eating Our Way to Extinction

Human Population Through Time

TED-Ed – Peter Campbell: Informative video about real ocjects found under water – not scientific, but good to watch: 5 min – 2016

This event aims to provide an opportunity to explore the distinctive contributions of a variety of social sciences to the ocean science-policy interface. A series of images illustrate key contributions from law, anthropology, sociology, economics and history: 91 min – 2020

This video could go in Blue economy, overfishing and pollution. About the ocean, overfishing and microplastics from 19min to 43min: 23 min – 2022

American Museum of Natural History – It took 200,000 years for our human population to reach 1 billion—and only 200 years to reach 7 billion: 6 min – 2016

History of the Major Trade Routes - Summary on a Map

In progress

In progress

In progress

In this video, let’s retrace the evolution of the world’s major trade routes, from the Incense Route until today: 19 min – 2021

In progress

In progress

In progress

Civilisation: Mediterranean, Geography & History

History of the Ancient Mediterranean: Every Year

The Ancient Mediterranean

Ancient Egyptian Super Ship

Histoire des Phéniciens : Les superpuissances maritimes de la Méditerranée

Frisco Dojenia: The ancient Mediterranean holds a vast amount of history, from Egypt to Rome the coasts of this sea are home to some of most advanced ancient civilizations: 4 min – 2021

American Freedom Alliance – The Mediterranean Sea functioned as antiquity’s superhighway, connecting Asia, Africa and Europe in ways that allowed for a dynamic exchange of goods and ideas: 29 min – 2020

History – The super ships of the ancient world provided numerous benefits to the Egyptians and created new modes of transportation: 11 min – 2022

World History Encyclopedia – Les Phéniciens étaient les superpuissances maritimes de la Méditerranée. Leur culture s’épanouit et était à son apogée entre 1500 et 332 avant J.-C., lorsque Alexandre le Grand fit son entrée dans la région et décima les villes et leurs populations, mettant fin à cette superpuissance maritime : 15 min – 2021

Greek Civilization | Geography of the Greek World

Ancient Greece: Ships for Trade and Naval Warfare (478 - 336 BC)

Mare Nostrum: Our Sea. How Rome Conquered the Med and then History?

How Roman trade with India made the Empire rich?

This animated map describes the settlement of Greece and the creation of Hellenistic society: 3 min – 2018

Educational Video Library – Considers the role of Ships in Ancient Greece for both Trade and Naval Warfare. Explores nautical tactics, shipbuilding, items of commerce, trade routes, port locations and activity. 478-336 BC: 24 min 1979

Patrick Hunt, PhD, Renown Archaeologist, Stanford University – The Battle of the Aegades Islands off western Sicily in 241 BC in the initial Punic War had an unexpected dramatic outcome ending that first war: 50 min – 2021

So, what made the Roman empire trade with India so beneficial? Find out in this video! : 15 min – 2019 

Roman-Indo-Parthian Trade

The Lighthouse of Alexandria

Islamic Contributions to Astronomy and Navigation

Le canal de Suez et l’Empire ottoman

We are continuing our new animated historical documentary series on the Roman trade and economy with a video on the trade with the Indo-Parthian Kingdom: 18 min – 2019

The Lighthouse of Alexandria – The Seven Wonders of Ancient World: 3 min – 2019

An overview of the profound contributions to astronomy and navigation by early Muslim astronomers and scientists: 13 min – 2010

Institut français d’archéologie orientale – Faruk Bilici, historien, spécialiste de l’Empire ottoman et de la Turquie contemporaine, retrace le regard de l’empire ottoman sur le projet du Canal de Suez : 60 min – 2020

Civilisation: Mediterranean, Social & Human Aspects

Méditerranée : une mer façonnée par les migrations et qui a modelé l'Europe

Immigration au XXe siècle : comment change la population française

Europe's Migration Tragedy: Life and death in the Mediterranean

HUMAN CARGO | Mediterranean search and rescue

Plus de 3000 ans d’histoire en un livre, c’est le défi relevé par l’Atlas des migrations en Méditerranée chez Actes Sud : 9 min – 2021

iReMMO : Université populaire 2017-18 – Cycle « L’Histoire méditerranéenne de la France. »Migrations méditerranéennes au XXe siècle : de l’accueil à la fermeture: 59 min – 2019

Report about the rescue: 22 min – 2016

Médecins Sans Frontières: An observational documentary made by Evan Williams Productions (UK) / MSF UK for SBS Dateline Australia following every step of the Ocean Viking’s first rotation in August 2019: 28 min – 2020

Meet the Greek fisherman cleaning up the Mediterranean Sea

Immigration au XXe siècle : comment change la population française

What is fishing to the people of the Mediterranean?

How maps explain the eastern Mediterranean gas crisis

Euronews: “I was really shocked to see that the fishermen were collecting in their nets, not only fish but lots of plastic.”: 6 min – 2021

iReMMO : Université populaire 2017-18 – Cycle « L’Histoire méditerranéenne de la France. »Migrations méditerranéennes au XXe siècle : de l’accueil à la fermeture: 59 min – 2019

FAO: This video takes stock of the challenges for the fisheries and aquaculture sector in the Mediterranean, against the MedFish4Ever Declaration signed in Malta in 2017.: 4 min – 2019

Financial Times: Competition over gas discoveries in the eastern Mediterranean has combined with bitter regional rivalries to fuel dangerous tensions between Turkey and its neighbours in recent months: 4 min – 2020

Civilisation: Asian-Pacific & Oceania, Geography & History

Geography Now! Chine

China's Geographic Challenge

Un aperçu de l'histoire de la Mer de Chine Méridionale

East Asia - China, Japan & Korea

Stratfor examines China’s geography as the historical driver of its expanding and contracting national boundaries emanating from the Han core: 2 min – 2014

Netflix – Experience our planet’s natural beauty and examine how climate change impacts all living creatures in this ambitious documentary of spectacular scop: 49 min – 2020

CCTV : Bonjour la Chine : Un aperçu de l’histoire de la Mer de Chine Méridionale : 3 min – 2016

Prof. Jeremy Patrich: Welcome to another Word Regional Geography discussion, this time Professor Jeremy Patrich introduces you to the realm of East Asia – China, Japan and Korea: 11 min – 2020

Southeast Asia

L' Asie des mers

Australia's Geographic Challenge

Every Country in Oceania

Welcome to another Word Regional Geography discussion, this time Professor Jeremy Patrich introduces you to the realm of Southeast Asia: 8 min – 2020

IPAG Business School : D’après le texte, Toute la géographie du monde, Fayard – Jean Claude Barreau et Guillaume Bigot : 7 min – 2017

Stratfor explains that Australia’s main geographic challenge is managing its isolation and small population, both of which affect almost all domestic and foreign policy decisions: 2 min – 2013

Curiosity Ignite: This video covers Every Country in Oceania. In this episode of Curiosity Ignite, we’ll explore every single country in the continent of Oceania: 8 min – 2021

Maritime Networks in Premodern Southeast Asia

A History of China:海上丝绸之路 The Maritime Silk Road 航海黄金时代

Polynesian Origins: DNA, Migrations and History

How did Polynesian wayfinders navigate the Pacific Ocean?

The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST): Webinar: The South China Sea was already crisscrossed by regular sailing routes 3,500 years ago: 89 min – 2021

中国电影频道 China Movie Official Channel: a history of maritimesilk road: 44 min – 2021

Study of Antiquity and the Middle Ages: Oceania was the last region to be settled by humans and the last part of Oceania to be settled by humans was Polynesia. Polynesians are famous for their voyages to remote islands in distant parts of the Pacific: 12 min – 2021

TED-Ed: Alan Tamayose and Shantell De Silva: Imagine setting sail from Hawaii in a canoe. Your target is a small island thousands of kilometers away in the middle of the Pacific Ocean — a body of water that covers more than 160 million square kilometers: 5 min – 2017

World War II - Pacific War (1931-1945) - Every Day

Why there's a ring of natural disasters around the Pacific

Video gives an overview of the Pacific War. Only text to read. Also related to geopolitics: 12 min – 2020

Vox short video explaining the Ring of Fire: 6 min – 2018

Civilisation: Asian-Pacific & Oceania, Social & Human Aspects

East Asia & the Pacific Explained

Asie-Pacifique : la nouvelle poudrière

Je peux prouver que la mer de Chine méridionale appartient à la Chine !

South China Sea arbitration; China-EU summit

World101: About geography & social aspects of East Asia & the Pacific: 6 min – 2019

ARTE : Disposant d’une force navale surpuissante, la Chine mène une politique de revendications de souveraineté dans la mer de Chine dans le cadre de la grande renaissance de la Chine : 52 min – 2022

CCTV : L’histoire orale : Je peux prouver que la mer de Chine méridionale appartient à la Chine! : 5 min – 2016

CCTV: World Insight— South China Sea arbitration; China-EU summit: 42 min – 2016

Past And Present of The South China Sea

China's Investment in Ports

Poker chinois - La nouvelle route de la soie

Fishermen busy harvesting kelp in E China

CCTV: Past And Present of The South China Sea ep.1: The history of the South China Sea. You can also see episode 2 through this link: 5 min – 2016

CCTV: The Heat – China’s Investment in Ports: 28 min – 2016

ARTE : Titanesque projet d’infrastructures dédié au transport de marchandises de la Chine vers l’Europe, les « nouvelles routes de la soie », initiées par Xi Jinping, bousculent le leadership américain et font planer l’ombre d’un conflit mondial: 85 min – 2022

CCTV: Fleets of fishing boats with full loads of harvested kelp are returning to Daqin Island in Changdao County, Yantai, east China’s Shandong Province: 1 min – 2020